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We deeply appreciate your financial support!  You are a music lover who recognizes that our work enhances the quality of life in our Adirondack community.  When you give to Hill and Hollow Music, you help bring superb artists and ensembles to perform for an appreciative audience. Because Hill and Hollow Music is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, your contribution is tax-deductible. 

How to Contribute:  If you would like to join the ranks of our esteemed supporters, please click on the “Donate” button below (it is through PayPal). Or if you prefer, please send your check made payable to Hill and Hollow Music, Inc. to our address below.  Your gift of any amount will make a real difference to our small organization. Thank you so very much!


Hill and Hollow Music – 550 Number 37 Road – Saranac, NY 12981

NEW!  Hill and Hollow Music has a brokerage account with Morgan Stanley in Burlington, VT.  We are able to receive gifts of securities, which may offer you significant tax benefits.  Please call us at 518-293-7613 or email us at

ALSO:  If you’re 70 ½ or older, you can make a gift from your IRA account. Gifts made from your IRA are not reportable as taxable income and qualify toward your required minimum distribution (RMD), which can lower your income and taxes. Hill and Hollow Music is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your gift tax-deductible in full.

INDIVIDUAL DONORS: (during our fiscal year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021) If we have failed to include you on the list below, we apologize and ask that you let us know.

$5000+ Anonymous, 

$2000+ Anonymous, LaThoriel and Otto Badenhausen, Angela Brown, Robin Brown, Marla and Joel Wolkowicz

1000+ Wendy Gilchrist and Bruce Kokernot, Kathy and Andy Sajor,

$500+  Caroline and James Dawson, John Ettling, Carl T. Gerner, Patricia McCarty, Sharon and James Votraw

$250+    Carol and Steven Carpenter, Terry Day, Dorrance Family, Lonnie Fairchild, Janet and Marty Garrell, Susan Schaefer, Janine Scherline and Todd Pray, Frederick G. Smith, Mark White,

$100+ Susan and Thomas Aceto, Anne and James Bailey, Christine and Roger Bigelow, Sara and Howard Black, Naomi Bradshaw, Jane Brooks, Rose Chancler, Jacqueline Connolly and Paul Morocco, Carol Czaja, Pamela and Joseph Damour, Catherine Davenport, Claire and Stuart Denenberg, Katherine and Joseph Donnery, Cathy Ellis and Mark Schneider, Monica and Ken Emery, Steven Engelhart, Renate Erickson, Martha and Richard Frost, Linda Furness, Dorit Gaedtke and Peter Rosenberger, Gary Germain, Maurica Gilbert and Noel Sowley, Yvonne and Richard Gokey, Marcia and Jon Gottschall, Miriam Goulding, Ramona and Jeff Hammons, Carol and Frank Hochreiter, Joan Janson, Marc Johnson,  Ursula Jones and Henry Morlock, Jane and Bill Kelting, Janice Kyle and Hans Himelein, William Laundry, Barbara and Raymond LeDuc, Colleen and Richard Lutinski, Deena and Mark McCullough, Mary McGowan, Karen and Howard Miller, Karen and Peter Racette, Jean and John Ryan, Sarah Schaffer, Carole Anne Slatkin, Barbara and Robert Smith, Saundra and David Stortz, Louise Tanner, Barbara Thomas, Yvonne and Hunt True, Lynn Valenti, Jacqueline and Alan Walker, Mary Ann Weiglhofer and James Lindgren, Deborah Yokum and Hal Moore, Donald Yanulavich, Edith Zorychta

Up to $99 Elle Berger, Ella Boolukos, Jennifer and Alan Booth, Juanita Brassard, Barbara Brienza, Lori and Joseph Butera, Marta and James Clute, Elisabeth Craven, Joanne and Raymond Domenico, Nancy Dow and Bruce Kilgore, Kathleen and Donald Duley, Dorothy and Jay Federman, Alix and Edward Heuston, Jacqueline Huru, Daniel Ladue and Stephen Graf, Judith Lapoint, John Lewis, K. A. Lewis, Simone Lutz, Lynn Elizabeth Macco, Bonnie Miller, Margaret Morrow and Sam Northshield, Cerise Oberman and Laurence Soroka, Nancy and Gary Perry, Sharon Ratner, Susan Rech and Marc Sarnow, Victoria and Leo Yaeger

Trustees: Andy Sajor, President; Angela Brown, Vice President & Secretary; Gary Germain, Recording Secretary; Kevin Roser, Treasurer; Renate Erickson, John Ettling, Janet Garrell, Janine Scherline, Mark Schneider, James Votraw, Mary Ann Weiglhofer, Mark White

Advisory Board: Thomas and Susan Aceto, Drew Benware, Elizabeth Friedman,  Soovin Kim, David Krakauer, Patricia McCarty, Benjamin Pomerance, Marilyn Reynolds, Sarah Schaffer, Kathleen Tagg

Volunteers: (willing and cheerful slaves on numerous occasions!) Janet Blahey, Robin Brown, Terry Day, David Dowden, Renate Erickson, Gary Germain, Miriam Goulding, Ramona Hammons, Wayne Lapier, Louise Laplante, Erica Swift and Paul Osenbaugh, Doris Pomerance, Kathy and Andy Sajor, Mark White