Around the World with Sonic Escape

Sonic EscapeOne of the wonderful things about Sonic Escape is the imaginative and gutzy way they incorporate classical, traditional folk, and world music in their programming.  The title “Around the World” offers the ensemble a flexible platform to mix and match their eclectic repertoire in interesting musical juxtapositions.  At Weatherwatch Farm on June 15 we heard Japanese Folk Tune Medley and Scandinavian Folk Suite alongside the strict classical form of Telemann’s Canonic Sonata in A Minor, while Bach in Ireland interspersed movements from a J.S. Bach Suite, such as “gigue” and “corrente,” with Irish traditional dance tunes of like rhythm and step, such as “slip-jig” and “reel.” We also heard the “New World” theme and “Humoresque” of Czech composer Dvorak followed by “La Cumparsita” of Uruguayan Rodriguez. Many of the works are Maria and Shawn’s own skillful arrangements, tailored to exploit the native character of their instruments as well as their own splendid virtuosity.

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