Blazing New Grooves: Trad Music meets Jazz!

We were very happy to be invited to participate in “Curbside at Harborside,” the eclectic drive-in concert series curated by Benjamin Pomerance. An empty parking lot behind the train station becomes a happening place every Saturday night throughout the COVID-19 Summer of 2020.  Our event featuring the superb champion fiddler Gretchen Koehler, paired with jazz pianist Daniel Kelley, was the perfect choice for a lively outdoor concert. The duo blends the raw energy of traditional fiddle and dance music with the nuanced lyricism and irresistible rhythms of jazz piano to create a unique soundscape.

Gretchen Koehler and Daniel Kelly perform at the drive-in concert series in downtown Plattsburgh

Conceived to be a safe, socially distant way to enjoy live music, vehicles are parked in every other space.  From inside their cars audience may tune in to 95.3 FM radio to hear the concert broadcast. Alternately, they may sit outside their cars to hear the music coming directly from loudspeakers onstage. About 35-40 cars turned up, most with two or more occupants; we figure around 100± attended the event. Audience showed their appreciation by honking their car horns liberally and loudly after each number.  Gretchen and Daniel had never experienced anything quite like it, but said that they really felt the love! All in all, a different sort of experience, but wonderful!

Gretchen Koehler, Daniel Kelly, and sound engineer Russell Feher
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