Ricochet Duo Bounces in New Directions

Ricochet Duo copyRicochet Duo – Jane Boxall on marimba and Rose Chancler on piano – delighted the crowd with their program DANCES (May 3, 2015).  The unconventional instrumental pairing by two dynamic artists creates an enchanting new sound-world with a tantalizing repertory.  DANCES is an appealing array of short works, including traditional rags by Harry Breuer and tangos by Astor Piazzolla, Igor Stravinsky, and Lucas Guinot. Contemporary dance-inspired works include “Exposed Zipper” and “Trans Fatty Acid’s Rein” from Tight Sweater Remix by Marc Mellits, “Old Adam (Two Step)” by William Bolcom, “Dance of the Octopus” of Red Norvo, and Pleiades Dances of Takashi Yoshimatsu. “Jovial Jasper” and “The Whistler” by the legendary American xylophonist George Hamilton Green elicited squeals of delight!

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