Ramblers Bring Sweet Memories and Smiles

Rocky Hill RamblersThe Rocky Hill Ramblers gave a pair of really fun shows July 11 and 13 at the Saranac Fire Hall. Folks do seem to enjoy the laid-back, sorta-scruffy atmosphere of this man-cave. The three-piece band was oh-so-much more than the sum of its parts, with Andrew O’Connor on guitar and vocals, Jennifer Hayden (Kellum’s daughter!) on fiddle and vocals (some delicious vocal harmonies going on there), and Steve Hayden (Kellum’s son-in-law!) on bass and guitars.  Steve is a tremendous player, whose modest and nonchalant style subtly energize the Ramblers’ style. Their program was a sweet little stroll down Memory Lane with 60s and 70s folk and rock, country and blues, plus some ancient traditional English and Irish songs. A couple of Andrew’s originals were warmly received as well. Many friends commented on Jennifer’s banter in between songs – her informative and witty (frequently irreverent) remarks are definitely part of the act!

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