Russian Duo Delivers

Russian Duo 2On a recent Saturday evening in late November, snow swirling wildy outdoors, Russian Duo lived up to their reputation as an ensemble of “explosive talent (Hartford Advocate).  Oleg Kruglyakov, a balalaika virtuoso from Siberia, and Terry Boyarsky, an American concert pianist of Russian-Jewish heritage, performed to a rapt audience at the Saranac Methodist Church. Their artistic collaboration, born from a shared love of traditional folk culture and classical elegance, has led them to create captivating programs that feature Russian folk music, lyrical romances, rhythmic dances, classical music favorites, gypsy melodies, and Russian popular songs. The sheer variety of music is astonishing as they express the full range of human emotions – alternately soulful and humorous, restrained and vigorous, mischievous and passionate – and guide their listeners on a fascinating journey across the span of Russian culture through the ages.

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