The Hills Were Alive With the Sounds of…….Balkan Music!

BalkanvillainsSean McCutcheon & Co., aka Balkanville, ventured south from Montreal while their friend and coach Max Fass came north from NYC. The Balkanvillains converged in Saranac for a five-day sojourn during which they spiced up and polished their repertoire of Balkan dance music.  There were daily dives into the swimming hole and happy hours on the porch with this lively bunch. And long hours of rehearsal in between……. It was rather like the famous remark about Thelonius Monk, that he could take a perfectly fine in-tune piano and make it sound out of tune…… Ultimately they presented a raucously wonderful concert outdoors on the grounds of Weatherwatch Farm. The hills rang with the sounds of accordions, tuba, drums, clarinet, flute, pipes, and voices – and happy dancing feet. Our friend Anne Bailey wrote: “Once again you outdid yourselves with the splendid soirée.  From “soup to nuts” it was a perfectly delightful evening.  It’s hard to imagine a more lovely setting to celebrate the solstice days.  I’ll treasure the picture of the musicians and dancers on the plush green meadow – like a movie, but better because it was real!”Balkanville at Weatherwatch Balkanville Lawn Dance

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