Tim Collins Vibrant Vibes

Tim Collins Live 3Tim Collins USA Jazz Quartet performed three shows at the Saranac Fire Hall February 12-14, each to a capacity crowd that appreciated a great groove and responded with warmth on a frigid weekend.  Tim’s originals fleshed out the first half and peppered the second half of mostly standards.  His music is melodious and lyrical and the not-overly-extended improvisations struck a fine balance of intellectual challenge and comprehensibility.  Pure listening pleasure ruled in a funky-hip jazz club ambience. Ayako Shirasaki Live 1The elegant pianist Ayako Shirasaki came up from New York for the shows and the tight rhythm section came from Vermont with upright bassist Robinson Morse and drummer Gabe Jarrett.  It was a charismatic ensemble that clicked from the get-go and became more cohesive with each show, and left you hungering for more playing into the night……  The concerts were a touching memorial to three beloved members of our community recently passed: Tim’s father Bob Collins, his grandmother Helen Schmidt, and trombonist, educator, and friend Rick Davies.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another ten years before Tim organizes another great ensemble!

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